Llama Cave

I saw a gorgeous pixel art piece by and just had to try my hand in 3d.  I love this artist's work.

Final scene is 15k polys.  The girl is 1,150 polys and the llama is 780 polys.  The trees ended up being higher poly than I wanted at 1.5k but I did like the outcome so I left them higher.  Next time, will work on producing a lower poly foliage with intersecting planes etc perhaps.

2 x 1024x1024 - blocks and details.

2 x 512x512 - repeating texture for walls and floor.

1x 1024x1024 - girl

1x 1024x1024 - llama

This was so much fun and such a whimsical concept. It was great fun and good practice for handpainting - all lighting is painted in and the scene (unless otherwise indicated) is unlit.

 3d Studio Max.  Photoshop and 3d Coat.  Marmoset 1.

Llamas are awesome.


Llama Cave by AllyAlbon on Sketchfab