My Little Pony - Royal Guards

I originally modelled these guys just over a year ago, when I was shiny and new to 3d but just had to try making something My Little Pony related (they were my favourite toys as a kid!). I finished the project but didn't post it as I had moved on to other things, and I wasn't too happy with the texturing.  Fast forward a year and some change and I realised I never completed the project.  The models were decent, but needed better topology and serious retexturing - I sensed a challenge, and the boys needed to see daylight!

Ponies - 2,200 polys each average
1x 1024 diffuse only each

Carriage - 2,300 polys
1x 1024 diffuse only

Crocus - 75 polys each
1x 256 diffuse only

My Little Pony - Royal Guards by AllyAlbon on Sketchfab